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Frequently asked questions

What is the relationship between EBIZ and participants of the Trainee and Mentorship Programs

EBIZ does the training and placement for our corporate partners. The participants of both programs are employed by our partners and they outsource the training to us. Although we may help our partners to advertise for candidates, we do not select their employees for them.

What projects will I be working on for the course?

The project you will work on include creating a web presence: building a website, and creating digital marketing strategies and creating digital media for our corporate partners.
You can source your projects or one that is assigned by one of our corporate partners.

When is the application due date?

We have enrolment every month, but we have a quota for trainees each month, depending on the number of sponsoring corporate partners we can find. We will attempt to fit everyone to the earliest possible date. However, to maximize your chances, we encourage you to apply the soonest you can so that our partners can vet and approve your employment with them.

Do I automatically get selected when I register for the programs?

No, there is a selection process, where our partners will vet the document you've submitted to them as well as conduct an interview, to ensure that all candidates are suitable to participate in their programs.
In all cases, participants in the trainee programs must attend an interview with our partners, and be appointed by our partners. We do not appoint any trainee.

When do I get paid?

You are paid by our partners,  when they have determined that you have successfully completed all the deliverables to them for that month.

What if I fail a module in the course?

Your corporate determines if you have successfully completed their projects by determining if you have passed the module and if you have completed the project they have assigned. Every course has a project that you need to deliver to your corporate partner. If you fail to deliver, you will be given opportunities to redo the project, if you fail to show that you are competent in the topic, you will also need to repeat the assessment. However, if you fail repeatedly and show no interest in improving, you will be dropped from the trainee or mentorship program. We have a 95% passing rate.

What are the areas I will be trained in?

You will initially be trained on e-business management, learning the ropes to online business. Thereafter, a rotation to other parts of the e-businesses: digital marketing, digital media, e-instruction and website design and implementation. The training program will wrap up with you learning how to write a business plan for a new online business as well as learning how to source for funds to run it.

At the end of the program, we believe you will have a good understanding of e-business on the whole, and also picked an area that you feel passionate in. We also hope that by linking you to the industry and a potential employer, you will be able to either continue with your corporate partner or find other gainful employment.

Typically, about 30% of our trainees will obtain full-time placements after the program.

What kind of career prospects do I have after the program?

After the training, these are possible careers:
  • e-commerce executive
  • digital marketeer
  • digital media expert (images and/or video)
  • website implementor
  • website UI/UX designer

After working on your corporate partner's projects, you would have been familiar with their business. You can solicit a part-time or full-time job with them, start a business providing such services to our partners or become employed by us to teach these topics.

What is the time commitment for the program?

This is a synchronous and asynchronous program. You will be required to attend the synchronous part of the program, which are webinars for two hours every week. Other synchronous meetings include your arrangement with our instructors, your group, as well as our corporate partner as your client. You will also be required to attend synchronous project meetings.
The rest of the course is asynchronous in that you have to complete readings, case studies, assessments, projects and e-learning materials.

Do I have to pay for the course fees?

1. If you are selected by our partners, you need not pay the course fees.
2. Depending on your performance and preference, you may be offered the mentorship program opportunity.
3. Once accepted into either program, you do not need to pay for the 6-months' course fees as your employers will pay for the fees. Your job is then to complete the projects and deliver them punctually to your corporate partner.
4. We hope that you understand that by taking up an offer, you are depriving another deserving candidate. We therefore need everyone to have some skin in the game to ensure the best outcome.
5. Please also take note that EBIZ does not pay the trainee any fees for attending the course. Your salary and what you need to deliver to your corporate partner is an arrangement you have with them, and is different for different EBIZ partner. Please read your contract with the EBIZ partner carefully before signing it.

What if I have other questions and queries?

Please send an email to