Website Development series

WBI102- Website Performance and Technical SEO

This course introduces students to the behind the scenes of website ranking - ensuring that the website they implement not only looks good but also performs well so that it is attractive to robots and human. They will be able to understand what technical parameters the search engines are looking for, and tune the website accordingly to meet these criteria, 
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What you will learn

Course Description

This course covers skills relevant to the technical side of ranking on search engines. Learners will understand the theory behind  ranking and through hands-on practice and work, how to implement and optimise their websites for better Search Engine optimization. 
  • Select suitable host, hardware sizing and software for optimal performance and develop key reporting metrics for website performance and functionality
  • Create technical SEO guidelines and procedures for an organisation’s website and identify an organisation’s technical SEO requirements

Target Audience

Minimum passed the equivalent of GCE ‘A’ levels

Course Format

Asynchronous eLearning
Course Project
Case Study


Part of Professional Certificate in Digital Media


05/07/2022- 05/14/2022
Minimum Requirements
Minimum Workplace Literacy Level 5 and Workplace Numeracy Level 5. Able to operate laptop and mobile devices, e.g. tablet or smartphone. Able to listen, speak, read, and write English competently. Access to electronic resources – learners are expected to have access to a video capture device (camera, smartphone, or tablet: either iPhone or Android). Be able to record simple videos on any video capture device. No previous experience in media production is necessary