Website Development series

DMK102 - e-Business SEO and SEM

With organic search being the number one way e-Commerce companies are found online, the importance of search engine optimisation cannot be overstated. In this course, students learn organic SEO and SEM methodologies that consider on-page and off-page optimization, user experience, SEO web design, domain authority, content ranking factors, mobile best practices, and siloing site architecture. Implementing technical SEO could be the difference between ranking on Page 1…or never being indexed.
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What you will learn

Course Description

The course is designed to equip learners with web analytics knowledge and SEO methods in detail and focuses on the application of SEO to enhance the visibility of any e-business or organisation the learner is managing. The learner will be exposed to tools and methods specifically designed to develop and increase the potency of Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing. Instructors provide hands-on guidance through project based learning maximising learning outcomes and the building of real world skills.
  • Understand SEO terms and current trends in web analytics and SEO
  • Understand the principles and relationships of various SEO and SEM strategies
  • Create a comprehensive SEO strategy
  • Develop SEO strategy to enhance e-business visibility
  • Understand the key elements, tools, and approaches of internet marketing strategies using SEO and online advertising
  • Understand use of paid strategies 
  • Implement SEO in an e-business

Target Audience

The targeted sector is any entrepreneur, B2C or B2B executive driven to develop new skills and knowledge in the eBusiness sector.  

Course Format

Asynchronous eLearning
Course Project
Case Study


02/13/2022- 02/19/2022

Minimum Requirements
  1. Minimum passed the equivalent of GCE ‘A’ levels or Workplace Literacy Level 5 and Workplace Numeracy Level 5.
  2. Able to operate laptop and mobile devices, e.g. tablet or smartphone.
  3. Able to listen, speak, read, and write English competently

Pamela Lim

Pamela Lim has more than 30 years' experience as an entrepreneur, professor and business trainer. She was the first Singaporean to achieve a NASDAQ-SGX listing (2001) as a pioneer in e-business.
Subsequently, she spent 10 years as a professor at Singapore Management University nurturing young entrepreneurs in crafting their businesses including their digital media and social media strategies. Dozens of her protégés have gone on to become some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Asia.
She has won countless awards including:
  • Singapore’s Top 10 Female entrepreneur in 1999 (finalist),
  • The Most Promising Female Entrepreneur in 2000 (winner) and
  • Netrepreneur of the Year in 2001 (winner).
Pamela has developed numerous private multimillion-dollar projects using the same social media strategies she teaches in the classroom. As a passionate educator, in 2014 she founded All Gifted, an online high school with thousands of students internationally.