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e-Learning Design 

With asynchronous and synchronous models, blended eLearning / instructor-led (ILT), micro-learning, gamification, simulation, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, our learners could really use some guidance in order for them to develop the best approach for them and their organisation when it comes to designing and developing e-learning. 
This course will give you information on how to create an effective learning/training program, focused on practical application of the technologies and tools available in the digital space today. 
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What you will learn

Course Description

This course will provide you with the information you need to know to create effective e-learning, starting with the theory behind it all. By the end of the course, you will not only be able to understand the reasoning behind why certain design choices are made but also the step-by-step methods on creating e-learning materials.
Among others, the course objectives include:
  • Understand the basic concepts and theories in the relevant knowledge bases (i.e., learning sciences, educational psychology; adult learning, instructional science) 
  • Analyse requirements and recommend suitable e-learning design 
  • Develop assessment methods

Target Audience

The targeted sector is any entrepreneur, B2C or B2B executive driven to develop new skills and knowledge in the eBusiness sector.  

Course Format

Asynchronous eLearning
Course Project
Case Study


Part of Professional Certificate in Digital Media


06/11/2022- 06/25/2022

Minimum Requirements
  1. Minimum passed the equivalent of GCE ‘A’ levels or Workplace Literacy Level 5 and Workplace Numeracy Level 5.
  2. Able to operate laptop and mobile devices, e.g. tablet or smartphone.
  3. Able to listen, speak, read, and write English competently