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DGM102 – Advanced Digital Media Production II

Synchronous and Asynchronous
This course picks up on the skills learned in the introductory video production course. Students will dive deep into the principles and techniques used in creating narrative, documentary, and promotional style films on a professional scale. Emphasis will be placed on strong storytelling skills and an appreciation for cinematography and sound production.
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What you will learn

Course Description

Media production technologies - lights, cameras, and editing platforms used to be out of reach for most people but nowadays professional level content can be produced with equipment readily available on the consumer market.

An introductory level approach should be split into two chapters with 2 week-long courses offering an overview of technologies, approaches, techniques and strategies for producing web-ready content supporting any organisational need.

Course 2 would focus on advanced methods, creating unique aesthetics, new shooting methods, formats and style bringing learners' knowledge and capabilities up to par with the professionals in terms of content creation and the creation of creative assets for their organisation.
  • Explore the principles of visual storytelling and narrative including key concepts of visual metaphor, pacing, and layering.
  • Conceptualize the impact of cinematography on the creative experience including visuals, establishment of subtext, character motivations, and the sharing of information and meaning with an audience.
  • Lead production teams to conceptualise the elements of a project’s unique visual style through a systematic and professional approach.
  • Use new tools and methods of videography to develop creative briefs to increase the production value and meaning of creative work.
  • Utilise other creative factors (production design, lighting, and editing) to impact an audience's experience and understanding of media content.
  • Leverage innovative approaches to formulate actions plans to resolve production challenges and guide production teams in the creation of engaging media content.

Target Audience

Min passed 'A' Levels or equivalent
Pre-requisite: DGM101

Course Format

Asynchronous eLearning
Course Project
Case Study


Part of Professional Certificate in Digital Media


Assumed skills:
Be able to operate laptop and mobile devices, e.g. tablet or smartphone.
Be able to listen and speak English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills Workforce Skills Qualifications (“ES WSQ”) Workplace Literacy (“WPL”) level 4
Be able to read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to ES WSQ Workplace Literacy (“WPL”) level 4.
Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to ES WSQ Workplace Numeracy (“WPN”) level 4.
No work experience required.
Learners are expected to have taken the course DGM101 Introduction to Media Production I and understand the three phases of the production process (pre-production, production, post-production) including scheduling, workflow, and general principles.