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What makes Pamela and Nick’s course stand out especially for me firstly is how they are able to de-mystify and provide effective clarity over complex topics. They are generous in sharing their knowledge, give practical advice and provide very relevant executional steps. If you are ready to put in the hard work to follow through, you are bound to see incredible results.
Secondly, the technical know-how of Pamela on the working of websites and SEOs has also been a great value-add to this course. It is surely a course of choice to kickstart or accelerate your e-business growth..
June Ou
This course is a must-have for all looking to start their own e-business, it’s extremely comprehensive and up to date. Nick and Pamela bring together their experiences and knowledge with great insights into the e-business world. And their continuous support in your e-business journey is beyond expectations!
John Tan Yi Keong
Pam and Nick are very experienced and complement each other to bring about an unique coaching experience to budding entrepreneurs. The content delivered during the initial webinars and subsequent hand-holding provided me a lot of assurance that i am on the right track. They are ever supportive and provided a lot of tips for me to move my e-business in the right direction.
Desmond Wong

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